Grattis! Välkommen!

Några nya vänner, min pojkven och mig.

Congratulations! Welcome!

Yes, you’re in the right place, but I’ve just literally right-this-minute started the blog. I’m 14 days late from when I ‘kind of, sort of, started living here’.

This blog aims to be a showcase for drawings and illustrations of typical and intriguing aspects of Swedish life in comparison, and similar to, my previous existence in Scotland.

I will also be typing newly learned words and phrases in my attempt to daily Swedify myself.

I hope you drop by from time to time to see my progress, not only in Swedish, learning about the culture, surviving as an artist, but also learning how to make my blog look better for you to read and peruse to your wee heart’s content.

Kram, (Hugs), J xx

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2 Responses to Grattis! Välkommen!

  1. Claire McIntyre says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Really enjoyed your first post. I’d love to be doing what you are doing right now – starting a whole new fresh life in a new country. Always loved the idea of Scandinavia to live in too. Ah well, will just have to live it vicariously through you fro the time being! It sounds challenging, but in an invigorating way which can only be good for creativity right?! I look forward to following your journey as you find your place in your new life.
    Claire (Hamish’s sister)

  2. Julie says:

    Love your drawings – and looking forward to seeing what Sweden has in store for you!

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