Posting a Father’s Day card from Sweden

Father’s Day in Sweden is apparently November 6th this year.  No excuses though. I should have remembered that I needed to do things in time, a little more ahead of time than I normally do things, and especially since I reminded my brother to send something (don’t know if he will) around the time it would have been good to send my wee home made card to my dear ‘ol” Dad.

I got posting a package to mum last Friday – a large yet foldable canvas bag from IKEA which I’d borrowed for my ‘move’ and some extra liquorice chocolate that I hope she’ll like – SEK150 – That’s £15 fricking pounds for  797 grammes. Was it that heavy?

So posting this very light and unassuming card today(Thursday) was SEK12, which is roughly £1.20. Thank goodness. Hope it gets there on time now. (Dream On – written late Friday night). Also, just for your information SEK = Swedish Kronor or Krona depending where you’re from.  It’s pretty strong at the moment. Good country to move to if I was one for finance.

Finding somewhere to post stuff must be simpler than how I’ve found it so far, but apparently post offices were done away with about 10 years ago. Nowadays you go into supermarkets and if they’ve got a sign on the door with the Post Office/Organisation symbols on show on the doors and a postbox nearby then you’re in luck (see photo below for an example of a Swedish post box along with ‘symbols’ circled). Any supermarket should have facilities to weigh the item needing posted, and can recommend where you can post it if you ask. I’ve still to discover if every supermarket can sell you stamps too, since the first one that weighed my package recommended I try another supermarket down the road in order to post it.

(Writing this late Friday night) I’ve just discovered it took from last Friday – Wednesday before my first posting experiment arrived at my folks, so doubt it’s going to be received in time. Thankfully I scanned the card so I can email a digital version, but it’s not quite the same as the real thing. I’m not known for my timing, but every time I work hard on something that is just that little bit too late for when I want it to be ready/received for maximum impact it’s like a stab in the heart. And I seldom learn. I mean, I always have a valid excuse or two, but I’m always pushing the limits.  I never factor in ‘possible problems that will cause delays’.  Well, it’s time for a clean slate right?  A new way of existing?

It’s about time.

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