Vänta Lite Mattias… (Wait a little Mattias…)

I think I’m going to start blogging a little more frequently than I have been. I thought perhaps once a week would be fine, but I’ve been so inundated with stuff that I could far better write a small piece most every day to keep things interesting. Well, I shall try it for the next week. For now though, I’ll post this which I’ve been adding to for the past week.

Welcome back!  Hope you all had a good Midsommar for those of you that are Sweden inclined, and for the rest of you – hope you’re enjoying some sunshine.  Yes, this is still the blog about that peely wally chubby woman artist from Scotland blogging about her new experiences in Sweden.

So here I am, I kid you not, with the window wide open on a sunny evening and listening to Abba. I also have a huge desire to see the Abba hit musical Mamma Mia film (Spotify is currently on Thank You For The Music). I’ve just drunk a can of Norrlands Guld, a very nice lager from Sweden, at room temperature… I really rather enjoy it, which does not bode well for my beer belly. Neither do the rows of cheese or sweets/snacks in every supermarket bode well for the belly iether. It’s a good thing I’m exercising more. I want to see what wins by the end of the summer – my belly, or my iron will of steel.

Right, blog time.

Warning – The Following Contains Ramblings Peppered With Expletives.

If you’re sensitive, or under 18 and without parental guidance perhaps you shouldn’t read on.  (But seriously, what age are we allowed to know/read/say the word ’Fuck’? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

I wonder if any of the following subjects have informed or distracted you this week or any other time.  Most of these all have potential to lead into some or a lot of further reading, but I’ve decided to keep it ’Brief’.  Thus, an abreviated list of some of the things that caught my eye and even inspired me, but which started to overwhelm me in trying to stick it all in one meager little blog post that I thought ’Stuff It’ and just stuck them in this list of headlines –

’Annoying Orange’ – seriously, don’t google it | Greece Demonstrations | UK Demonstrations | The sunshine outside tempting my ambition to get a tan on this pale body | Facebook | Which ’shy, Australian woman’ is going to be richer than Bill Gates? | How do I find the time to make 3 meals a day from scratch for the better health of self and loved ones | Is stretching a must? and should I trust a ’How To Stretch for Dummies’ video online? | Facebook | How is Japan coping in the aftermath since March 11th? | Is Col. Gaddaffi not captured/dead yet? | Twitter | Is Samuel L Jackson the better narrator or is it Werner Herzog for the ’children’s book’ hit sensation ’Go the F**k To Sleep’? | How great is that book??!! | How much will I hate it once I’m aware of how many other millions thinks it’s cool? | What’s the situation in Iraq and how much is it costing us in lives and money? | Facebook | Have I failed as an artist if I think trivial thoughts? | How do I suddenly start working a Mac when I’ve been using a PC all my creative life? | How should I feel about more daring/cutting edge/better looking artists than myself? | Linkedin | Searching for music to listen to while I work and finding a whole can of worms | The hugely depressing, enlightening, and angering documentary ’Inside Job’ on how bankers fucked the world (See it.) | How do I respond to such a documentary? | Facebook | HOW MUCH TIME DO I WASTE? | Correcting my posture when working at the computer/drawing/jogging/cooking/hoovering/sitting on the toilet… | Working between three computers at one time, how stupid is that? | The fact that I haven’t answered the questions I presented in my first blog post | How dangerous is it to write personal blogs and identifying onself as an ordinary person, when one is also trying to be ’an artist’ with ideosyncratic commodities? | Facebook | Getting the fuck off Facebook | Flickr | MySpace | My Blog

I really should ban myself from Facebook, but I do find it useful. It’s a swivelling knife-edge though regards how much use I actually find for it, and how much I find myself absent-mindedly checking up on friends and acquaintances photos/albums/comments.  I mean seriously, I can perhaps validate checking up on posts by Billy Bragg or Bork, looking up someone who’s added me on Linkedin to see how I might know them, inviting folk to an event and of course checking up gigs and events that are happening, but that shitey little cluster of random friend’s albums from 4 years ago that pops up to the right of my eye-line that asserts my right to snoop – FUCK OFF!!!

I don’t want to know things about friends or acquaintances which we haven’t personally chatted about. Facebook must be the prime evil-doer of creating false memories.  Ever seen ’Scrooged’ where Bill Murray’s only pleasent memories from childhood are actually sentimental scenes from movies he watched such as Little House On the Prairie?  Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with an acquaintance you havn’t socialised with much at all, and realise you’re chatting personal stuff like pets-babies-weddings because you’ve been snooping on their facebook? FUCK THAT SHIT!!  Apologies for the anger…  It’s a dispicable poisonous, billowing sack of pus that is spilling out my very pores, and mostly directed at my hypocritical self.

Okay, anyway here are some drawings I have created during the past week and a half of frequenting social occasions.

And on that note, I’m going to bugger off. I hope to be more enlightening with my trifiling matters on being a Scottish artist in Sweden. I hope to have answered those questions in my first post in Central Station within the next week. I also hope to have replied to all the lovely folk that wrote to me about my blog and their own experiences as a creative/person in a new country.

Swedish words learnt so far (spelling probably a bit suspect)

borra – only | hejla tida – whole time | aldrig – never | ja men du der – yes but how about you then? | Doligt – bad | Vaken – awake | Vacker – beautiful | Fult – ugly | Vensta – left | Rokt Fram – Straight Ahead | Höger – Right | Vänta Lite – Wait a little

And Finally, In The Next Blog Post

Selling artwork to friends, getting to know other artists, things ticked off my ’Swedish To Do’ list, recycling, Scoop Shopping, 9 days to get giclee prints from Scotland, trying to be ‘professional’, patience in developing professional relationships here in Sweden and how to argue in Swedish.

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    Swedish words learnt so far (spelling probably a bit suspect)

    borra – only | hejla tida – whole time | aldrig – never | ja men du der – yes but how about you then? | Doligt – bad | Vaken – awake | Vacker – beautiful | Fult – ugly | Vensta – left | Rokt Fram – Straight Ahead | Höger – Right | Vänta Lite – Wait a little

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