Zeitgeist, Abba and Getting Reflective while Washing Windows

July 2nd or 3rd 2011

So, I started watched Zeitgeist last night after an argument with my boyfriend, but waited to watch the end of it tonight while we ate a spicy thai curry he’d made. This was after I’d sobbed a bit whilst watching a Swedish music video by a now disbanded group The Motorhomes, where a guy says goodbye to his best friend, a dog, before sending him to the moon. You watch the dog pining over a photo of his ’beloved master’ who told him ’everything was going to be alright’.

This was after we’d cycled 50 km to a retail outlet for some cheap clothes, followed by a lovely swim in an inlet closer to home, followed by a mammoth shop in a mammoth supermarket (funnily enough they were out of mammoths…) where amongst other things we bought lots of vegetables because I’m just not able to keep up with Mattias’s ’Meat, Stodge and Little or No Veg’ diet.  However, standing in the refrigerated section with half of my clothes still wet from my swim wasn’t the best idea. But I was glad we also managed to find a cheap-as-shit (£26) satisfactory cycling helmet since all the cycling shops I checked out in the city centre were all about £40. Mattias still doesn’t own one as he ’doesn’t look cool’. I’ve told him I refuse to look after him in his old age if he every gets cancer because he didn’t eat enough green veg, or he’s a vegetable himself because he had an accident when cycling. 🙂

Which leads me onto another subject – life imitating art imitating life.

After watching the end of Zeitgeist, Mattias reckoned we should watch the ’feel good movie’ he’d just bought today ’ Mamma Mia’, the film version of the musical written based on Abba’s Songs. Now, I’m not that educated on Abba, but wheren’t they married to each other, writing songs based on their own emotional experiences?  Didn’t they get creative with something that caused them pain? Isn’t that what art is about? Making something beautiful that either causes pain, and/or gets you through something painful – even better if it can offer an epiphany to a third party?  So Abba, they’re artists then?  It’s definitely not all shallow pop, there’s a shit load of emotion and tricky situations dealt with.

I notice the film was made in some Greek paradise island, a very different scene to what is currently the reality. Mattias reckons if Greece goes bankrupt, then so will Ireland and Portugal. But what country isn’t in debt, and is it all just puffed up egos that convince us the ’western world’ is a flicker away from being shagged?  Isn’t the world in debt?  Isn’t it bankers that have fucked the world?  After watching Zeitgeist it has given me food for thought. Religion, debt, power, greed, control, war and how they all relate to each other according to the film maker. It indeed might all be true, it might be all conspiracy theory, but it’s definitely something to think about. It is our right to keep questioning, and educating, and communicating, and enjoying creativity whether as a practitioner or as a viewer/audience member/receiver.  We all must believe that we have the power to make a difference even if it is our ability to follow and stand by our own choices, realise it is our right.

While I write this, it’s 02.10 and it’s starting to get light again as some birds welcome the dawn.  In twelve hours I’ll be helping Mattias do the laundry at our booked time in the cellar of our apartments. Yesterday evening I swept and mopped the stairway of the apartments as is required of every apartment owner, twice a designated month once a year (I think) I also washed and squeegeed the windows of the main front door downstairs. Such a little gesture, but I loved it, I felt part of a community spirit and I felt proud of a good job done. It gave me time to reflect on my life and my art, where they are at the moment and how inter-related they both are. I also often sing when I’m doing housework. It’s a release, calming and most definitely inspires the times when I’m working – as an artist. I feel I had to specify that I actually am a full time artist, since that is indeed what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years not counting the five months I worked part time at Tchai-Ovna Teahouse in Glasgow – incidentally also a place I would sing when working in the kitchen. Today I did no drawings at all, but I plan to do quite a lot tomorrow (Sunday) when I’m not doing the washing, or maybe some other chores/cooking, or perhaps a cycle if it’s as sunny tomorrow as it was today – I still live in hope of getting SOME sun on my skin – but then, I don’t want to get burnt – would Mattias look after me in my old age if I got skin cancer?

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