Polar Music Prize 2011 – Patti Smith and Kronos Quartet – Watch This Space!

Jenny Soep will officially be drawing Patti Smith and Kronos Quartet during the Polar Music Prize this August 2011


Yes, it’s got to that time of the year again and really rather excited that this time I’ve got full backing and support of those lovely folk at the Polar Music Prize.  Unbelievably excited to be drawing the incredible Patti Smith and Kronos Quartet – What an experience this will be!  Just got to keep the drawing up to scratch. Draw draw draw.

I’ve just come back from an amazing month in Scotland where amongst other things, was drawing at a beautiful production of Cryptic’s one woman show Orlando with the impeccably turned out Judith Williams, as well as a hugely fun Cry Parrot show with Foot Village, Bitches, and Ultimate Thrush. Blochestra and Aerials Up at King Tuts and a few other drawing shenanigans.

I also had the huge joy of looking after my folks’ B&B for about ten days while they went on their first summer holiday in 12 years – a huge insight in the running of an upmarket establishment that relies on quality, great food, speed, location and great welcome. It is a big leap aside from what my ‘day job’ involves, and a huge amount of multi-tasking, managing a team, and responsibility for the team/home/family pets. I had huge respect anyway for my parents, but my Mum seriously is a wonderwoman for achieving what she does every day, with all the anomalies that each day brings.

I have to say I loved the routine of it, but also the challenge of providing different hot scrumptious breakfasts for a variety of different demands/guests all at the same time, all to their immediate whims. I had a great team working with me in Georgia from Italy, and Gerda from Holland, even my boyfriend Mattias and Dad’s secretary Jackie got roped in to help.  It’s the busiest time of the Tourist season and I found it immensely challenging and rewarding.  I look forward to doing it again some time, but for now am quite pleased to have had a week’s camping holiday since, and now back in Stockholm to garner momentum for my new adventure here.  Working the B&B certainly put things into perspective 🙂

Here’s a tiny selection of some drawings from my recent trip to Scotland.

Foot Village put on by Cry Parrot at NiceNSleazy's Glasgow 16 July 2011 - Paper Drawing


Cryptic's Orlando with Judith Williams August 2011 - iPad Drawing

Judith Williams as Orlando, August 2011 - iPad Drawing

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