Cyclical – Drawing Music, Drawing To Music, and cycling

I’ve just been informed I shall yet again be doing some performative drawing at the Arches ‘Sound/Thought’ festival in Glasgow next March 2012 – this time an extension of the audio/visual music/drawing duet I co-created with experimental musician Jer Reid as part of his very beautiful ‘Wintercycle’ project last December/January.  (See  This time round we’ll have a dancer, to create more energy and tension in the dynamics.  Really looking forward to it!  If you happen to be in Glasgow on the 21st of December, I strongly recommend you to attend his following anniversary event –

Winter Cycle Redux: Improvised music and music and dance Wednesday 21st December 8pm-11pm

One year on from Jer Reid’s 31 day improvised duos cycle at Stereo, a night of improvised music and music and dance, featuring groupings of people involved a year ago:

Jer Reid/ Rosalind Masson
P6/ Laurie Pitt/ Joe Quimby
Howie Reeve/ Christine Devaney
RM Hubbert/ Michael Marshall/ Dougal Marwick

Jer Reid (
Rosalind Masson (
Howie Reeve (Tattie Toes
Christine Devaney (
P6 (De Salvo.
Joe Quimby (Loss Leader, Take A Worm For A Walk Week)
Laurie Pitt (Furhood, Ultimate Thrush)
RM Hubbert (
Michael Marshall (Hunners of different things)
Dougal Marwick (

Secondly, I discovered this marvelous music-painting artist who does what I do but bigger, brighter and bolder.  She is called Gina Southgate and she’s been put at the top of my ‘live drawing/painting’ inspiration list.  Check her gorgeous paintings out here –

Thirdly, I’ve just discovered a drawing museum in Sweden – albeit on the other side of the country, but it is in Laholm between Gothenburg and Malmo, (not to mention near Copenhagan!). I feel an epic little drawing/camping/road trip is on the cards.  I have discovered that I could potentially get there by taking a ferry via Gotland – another place I have been told lots about. Summer trip here I come. As long as I can tie it in with some live music/arts performance drawing, then it will be perfect.

I should also mention I’ve finally finally moved into my lovely little studio space in the Detroit Gallery/Artist’s Studio in Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm.  I’m really starting to feel that it’s all coming together, it all feels right, and it’s beginning to feel like home.  Right now though, it’s 13.40 and I’m off to get fingerprinted and photo taken. This drawing outlaw is getting made legal in Sweden, and is about to cycle off into the winter sunset.

(I’m not being fatalistic!  I’m just taking advantage of the limited amount of sunshine we’ve got just now 🙂



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