Happy New Year! Gott Nytt År!

Check it out! It’s 2012.

Wow, what a fast year last year was, and Kaboom, here we are already. A new year. I’m excited – are you?

A few plans for this year – going to be drawing RM Hubbert‘s launch at Stereo, Glasgow on Friday the 27th January.  It’s going to be a beautiful gig, with a lot of musicians I hugely admire.  It’s already got a very nice review in Scotland’s The List.  But it is definitely Friday the 27th of January as opposed to what the List stated.

This coming weekend it’s Stockholm’s notoriously fab and alternative Art’s Birthday Party and I’ll be doing some drawing at that, iPad in hand. Here’s the drawings I did from last year’s.

At the beginning of March I will be one third of an experimental sound art piece as a development of innovative and experimental musician Jer Reid’s Wintercycle last year. It will feature as part of the Arches fascinating Sound Thought festival at 6pm, on Saturday 3rd March with Jer, myself and the beautiful dancer Monicca Deioanni.  The drawings I did with Jer as part of our Audio/Visual Duet featured myself doing an impromptu monologue and two separate drawings – the first with simultaneous thoughts and memories, the second describing process. You can see them here.

Last year at Sound Thought, I had the good fortune to be able to collaborate with Sound Designer and Engineer Gavin Fort. We did a piece that still hold’s fascination with me – an audio/visual duet with live drawing attached to sound, and live sound sampling/alteration. Really cool to do, and hopefully more developments in the future.

Regards fascinating artworks and items of intrigue around the world, you should check out www.thisiscolossal.com.  I found it via a post about an artist that carves books.  It’s lovely stuff, but I have to confess I was not as impressed as by the very beautiful, empathetic mystery artworks left hidden around libraries and other bookish places in Edinburgh.  The artist as yet remains unknown which is half the beauty of their work. You should read all there is to read about it at this link here.  And while you’re at it, support your local bookish location by utilising it more.  Spare a thought for the much loved Borders, not to mention all the lovely little independent shops that have had to close their doors.

I’ve been featured on the iPad Creative website – which is cool. If you want to see more iPad timelapse drawings you can Here.

My poster design for the Stockholm promoter ‘Mother’ is also featured in their 2011 ‘poster lineup’ showcasing some of the best gigs and artwork I’ve seen anywhere. If you want a little visual snatch of what the alternative music scene is here, check it out. It’s the one promoting Marisa Anderson, Bridget Hayden and Norberto Lobo. A welcome departure from the norm.  ‘Mother’ has got a cracking line up to start off this year. Absolutely gutted to be missing Grouper on the 7th of April. If you’re around then, you should be there. No doubts whatsoever. Check out the other ‘Mother’ gigs Facebook page here for updates/gig listings.

Final note – Mattias has just forwarded me a link which looks fascinating about a folk music centre that began in New York and emigrated over here with it’s founder Izzy Young. It has moved since, but it used to be situated on the very street where I’ve now got my studio, and Bob Dylan has written a song about it. I’ll keep you updated on what I find.

Okay that’s all for now. Catch you at the Art’s Birthday Party tomorrow?

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