Art’s Birthday Party 2012

Alrite folks, it’s 04.01 am and I’ve just got in. Well, I’ve just had a bit of ‘dinner’ and a right good wash – necessary due to some pretty fantastic dance music courtesy of the Masskultur DJs finishing off a great night at Swedish Radio’s annual Electronic Music and Sound Art event.

Annoying that there were so many things on tonight – 4 different venues. But I got to experience each venue at least.  Though I didn’t draw her, I must mention that I really loved experiencing Marina Rosenfeld.  Beautiful, adept, magic, with the dust crackle of vinyl and the twinkle of celestial sounds in futuristic technicolour – and all without the aid of visuals. I felt her performance needed something else though, even if it was a close up video of what her hands were doing with all her gadgets. However, if Family Underground had not been on in Etablissemanget, I would have very happily stayed at the main stage/Stora Scen, to keep listening and watching.

Meanwhile, the drawings of Ikue Mori, Rolf Enström, Roll The Dice, Hans Appelqvist and Family Underground are up on my Facebook page. Check them out.  Will add more tomorrow – I mean – later today.

For those intrigued by the magic of last night’s Art’s Birthday Party, Stockholm’s fantastic electronic music and sound art festival.
Have a look here at Sweden’s Radio Website for clips and soundbites.

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