Art’s Birthday Party, In Timelapse Videos

Well now, I’m gutted that I missed so many others performing this very fine evening – Ida Lundén & Rei Nakamura, Lur, Sork and the Ectoplasm Girls (featuring Nadine Byrne of The Magic State who I drew at last year’s Art’s Birthday Party) for instance.

But I was very glad that I caught a piece of Marina Rosenfeld, sinking into her music and the darkness and for once, not drawing. It felt odd to not draw, but very peaceful.  I felt she should have had some visuals, but then if she expected everyone (it was quite late at this point) to be sitting in the room with their eyes closed, and taking a rest from sensory overload, then she provided a magical and engaging sound scape that created visuals in the mind anyway.

I’ve now uploaded all the timelapse drawings of at least one act per venue at Södra Teatern. You can see them here at my page on Vimeo – look for Ikue Mori, Rolf Enström, Roll The Dice and Family Underground. I also drew Hans Appelqvist, but I prefer it as a still image.  See below.

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