First Aid Kit, The Lion’s Roar, Bengan’s Music Store, Stockholm


The lovely First Aid Kit promoting their new album The Lion’s Roar at the fantastic music store Bengans.  My appreciation for these girls is growing all the time. And to think I had never heard of them when they came on stage at last year’s Polar Music Prize, singing ‘Dancing Barefoot’ for Patti Smith. I was blown away by their version of her song, gorgeous voices and clear passion for it, naturally delightful and entertaining though they seem a little shy.  It’s amusing however, that I appeared to get a bit shy myself when queueing up to get my album signed by them. They live in the same area of Stockholm that we do, so Mattias had some good ‘craic’ with them, getting a high 5 from Klara.

They are playing Debaser Medis (great venue! Drew Florence + The Machine there, as well as Mogwai, RM Hubbert and the Sian Alice Group) on the 4th of February which is sold out already.  I would definitely recommend going to see them, so if you can bag a ticket from anywhere, do it. Maybe see you there. 🙂

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