Bonny Prince Billy, RM Hubbert, Unravel, Sound Thought and International Women’s Day Preparations

Quality quality gig tonight – Bonny Prince Billy. Pictures to come, along with drawings of RM Hubbert’s wonderful album launch gig at Stereo on Friday supported by the right rivetingly off the wall ‘Tattie Toes’, plus some drawings of an alternatively and equally fascinating scientific music, poetry and art night at Inspace with Unravel last Thursday evening in Edinburgh.

Had a lovely rehearsal on Friday with Jer Reid and Monnica Deioanni for our trio piece at Sound Thought, The Arches. Tomorrow having a meeting about the fourth International Women’s Day event I’m involved in, plus meeting with the rather fantabulous digital/animatory whizzkid Dave Sapien too for some projected digital drawing chat. All looking real good, enough to get rather excited about.

It’s been a busy few days my friends. A good few things to upload so look again very very soon for pictures. Soon as I get back to my lovely Stockholm tomorrow night. xx

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