BONNIE Prince Billy, Unravel, and 28 Drawings Later

First off, after drawing Bonnie Prince Billy, and emailing back and forward between his label, it has only very recently come to my attention that I’ve been spelling his name wrong. Ie Bonny, instead of Bonnie. I wonder if it has actually affected anything. (Strokes bearded chin, anyone’s bearded chin will do.)

Secondly I’m behind. I’ve been trying to get just a couple of drawings from my Nokia mobile phone into my computer, and can I do it? Not on your Nelly. I seem to have managed everything else but, including photos, videos, photos & videos from my pc computer which somehow my phone digested and regurgitated into my Mac, and I’ve also managed to do something very very odd, but hugely disruptive to said Mac, involving every single image that has ever been put on it EVER. Hence out of a few hundred GB, I only have 7 left. With over 10 000 images, I have a lot of sorting out to do tomorrow. How on earth I managed to extract some images from folders, and not others, I do not know. But it means I can’t simply delete the screed – I have to wade through and see what I’ve got/not got – on a computer that is now working as fast as a slug with a salad choice.

I am however, having fun with a lovely little drawing project called 28 days later, started by the marvellous Victoria Evans (it’s not too late, you can still join in with a squiggly thing x how many days you’ve missed.)  And yes, this year it’s 29 drawings, with a little expo at the end for those that have been particularly diligent.  Check it out, it’s an inspirer, from whatever background you have, and nice to be part of a creative community all having a deadline every day 🙂  This is my submission for the 2nd of Feb, underneath it is for the 1st.

Day 2, 28 Drawings Later – It’s been a rough day, topped by having my bag searched at Lidl – a new low. So I had a whisky and contemplated a radish.  On a high note, it’s been snowing lots. Loads of lovely sparkly snow, a heart warmer for sure.

Day 1, 28 Drawings Later – Was frickin’ tired and not in the mood for drawing, but the Saturn lamp was calling me with it’s rings and shadow rings caused by the variety of candles below it, also catching the coffee plant at the window, and the corner of our room.   Also glad I corrected myself after calling it the Jupiter lamp. What a doofus. Seriously, I need to go back to Primary School. Or Playgroup (kindergarten) for that matter.

Day 1 – Saturn Lamp Coffee Plant Candle Shadows

Finally, the drawings (paper ones) from the highly intriguing and creatively scientific Unravel project, currently being created by the art collective/band Found with Simon Kirby and poet/musician Aidan Moffat, along with a personable chat on the future of books and reading between Chris Meade of (his blog) bookfutures/if:book and the ladies from the Electric Bookshop, all drawn live from the rather lovely Inspace multimedia gallery based within Edinburgh University.  The digital drawings I did on my phone are the ones I mentioned earlier about trying and so far failing to retrieve onto my computer. I will figure it out though, so keep your eyes peeled.

Aidan Moffat reads for #Unravel, Inspace

Words from Aidan Moffat, the Found Collective, and Chris Meade

Also, still to come in the next blog post – RM Hubbert and Friends, with Tattie Toes who were supporting, last Friday 27th January 2012

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