First Aid Kit, while Johanna saves her voice

Lovely concert tonight, though it isn’t the First Aid Kit I had expected and hoped for. The sisters really create something magical when they harmonise together, hugely complementing each other. I do hope Johanna’s throat feels better soon.  Klara is valiant however, and holds the show together admirably, with some vocals by affable drummer Mattias Bergqvist. Favourite part is when Klara unplugs her guitar, on the stage by herself for a solitary version of Ghost Town, and the audience hushes immediately to join in with the ending of the song. My goodness you Swedes have some fine voices!!  Some of you filling in with the harmonies too. Beautiful moment.

Debaser Medis remains to be one of my favourite venues. Excellent acoustics, and since the stage is slightly curved in a room that is wider than it’s depth, all the audience get a great view and sonic experience.  Brilliant room to draw in anyway, I’ve so far drawn Florence + The Machine, Mogwai and RM Hubbert, who’s album was incidentally just launched last Friday. I really must get those drawings up.

Johanna is tricky to capture at the best of times as she really likes to hide behind those lovely blonde tresses of hers, and when she gets to head banging there’s just no chance.  Haven’t quite caught her lovely face yet. Next time. Happy with the image as a whole though.

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1 Response to First Aid Kit, while Johanna saves her voice

  1. Chris says:

    Oi da! To the lack of Johanna’s voice! Very fond memories of her head banging when we saw them in the summer…and the unplugged song worked extremely well in the wonderful sounding concert hall at Kilden in Kristiansand.

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