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Guilt, Music, Inspiration and the Long Slog of Artsomeness.

I have too many pictures on my computer, so today I have been going through them all. I have 12GB left on a hard drive with capacity 190GB. It has been an exceedingly slow day. But I have been listening … Continue reading

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Another Brilliant Mother gig – ‘Trapped in a Loop’ from Göteborg, and ‘Laboratorium Svart’ from Stockholm.

                    Fun, squirty, multi-multi layered, krunky, parpy, fuzzy, glitchy, loopy, braw. I was à little dubious about tonight but as pretty much 101% of the times I’ve been, ‘Mother’ gets it … Continue reading


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Konstfack Degree Show and Masters Show! And Electro/Music at Dans Dakar!! Today/Tonight!!

Hello there one and all, ye in Stockholm and beyond. What rather fine weather we are having just now?! (Although it is 28 degrees today in my home village of Scotland I’ll have you know! However, I’m going to systematically … Continue reading

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Extra Life, Dream Seeds, and the Konstfack (Art School) Degree Show

Another splendid Mother gig, though not as well attended as it should have been. Extra Life are excellent.  Exquisite, raw, tight and beautiful.  Asymmetrical, medieval, melodic, words as intrinsic elements, dark, haunting and off-kilter. ‘Math Rock and Renaissance Music’ (according … Continue reading

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Polar Music Prize, Lapland, Catchup and Neglect

Hello there! Well I have indeed been neglecting you!!  Apologies.  I have been drawing alternately in alternative drawing approaches. I have been performer, workshop host, illustrator, archivist, designer, storyteller, photographer, resident artist and documentor. Went for a walk on my … Continue reading

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