Extra Life, Dream Seeds, and the Konstfack (Art School) Degree Show

Another splendid Mother gig, though not as well attended as it should have been.

Extra Life are excellent.  Exquisite, raw, tight and beautiful.  Asymmetrical, medieval, melodic, words as intrinsic elements, dark, haunting and off-kilter. ‘Math Rock and Renaissance Music’ (according to the post on Wikipedia) is a lot of what this is.  I’d throw in Neo Romantic as well, although it’s a lot more grungey than that.

Outside in a hot May evening next to the docks of Slussen, you can hear the irregular squeaks of moored boats sounding much like those of swings in a park, and definitely with an ecstatic buzz in the air.  The air turns from baby pink, to mauve, to blue descending into the brighty breezy air of a summer city night.

I’m getting a big kick out of listening to their album Dream Seeds right now with the window wide open and in a few minutes I’m off to cycle to the Art School for their Degree Show which is on until this Sunday the 27th. Exquisite days.

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