Guilt, Music, Inspiration and the Long Slog of Artsomeness.

I have too many pictures on my computer, so today I have been going through them all. I have 12GB left on a hard drive with capacity 190GB. It has been an exceedingly slow day.

But I have been listening to Jamie_atp’s National curated ATP playlist all day and it’s been brilliant. I have also discovered that the drawing artist who keeps live streaming his drawing sessions that I follow, is called Bill Olson, an experimental drawer from Umeå, north Sweden. He seems like an absolute legend. I must find out more about him.

Then my twitter was followed by a brilliant Swedish illustrator/caricaturist who goes under the moniker of ArtMagenta. What a lovely line, and a wicked sense of humour. Prolific too – I love how he’s got all his drawing interests under one ‘blog house’ as it were. I wish I could figure out how to put all the things I update under one wee roof.

I suppose I should mention that I’ve been featured in (pause for deep deliberate breath) the rather notoriously lush and lovely illustration mag ‘Varoom’, their theme this issue being ‘entertainment’ – ‘Vibrant musical reportage with Jenny Soep’.  I sent them a few iPad drawings, so we shall see what turns out – I’m waiting for my copy through my Swedish letterbox.

Meanwhile I updated the pictures from last night’s bloody brilliant gig with Trapped in a Loop (Gothenburg/Göteborg), supported by the splendid and hilariously off the wall ‘Laboratorium Svart’ (Stockholm).  So now you know who they are. Who’s going to see Elfin Island, James Ferraro and Munnen next week? Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday respectively.  I am 97.5% turning my back on a holiday/quality time with my boyfriend just for the sake of drawing all those much anticipated gigs. Damn Damn Damn decision making/the life of an artistic vocation.  One decision will be life quality, the other will be artistic richness, either way I will feel guilt.

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