Happy Sweden’s Day! Elfin Saddle, James Ferraro and Munnen.

Hope you’re enjoying this lovely sunny day off if you’re a Swede and/or work here.

My ‘work’ carries on, this week in Stockholm.

This week I will mostly be drawing Elfin Saddle (Can) tonight (Hemliga Trädgården – Valsbergs gränd or wherever the frig it is), James Ferraro (US) (Debaser Slussen 111 30) tomorrow night, and Munnen‘s (Swe) album launch on Saturday – apparently in one of the nicest venues in Stockholm (Biograf Reflexen, Kärrtorpsplan 14, 121 06 Johanneshov).   Hope to see you there.

Meanwhile here’s a little sketch of Yoko Ono I drew on the iPad last night as she briefly chatted about the lovely ‘moonlight meditation‘ we’d experienced much much earlier yesterday morning. There were two ‘performances’ beginning at 9.30pm the night before, continuing into the night, with some beautiful improvised music by three musicians in a grove chosen by Yoko, to play her ‘Evening till Dawn (1964) and ‘Secret Piece’ (1953) with the local birdlife to welcome in the sunrise.  Not something I’d do every night, especially not cycling the 23 km round trip beautiful and enlightening as it was, but it really was something very special. Yoko Ono’s exhibition created around her seminal piece/book Grapefruit is on at the Moderna Museet until 16th September.


Drawing created using Sketchbook Pro on the third generation iPad.

Text written into the drawing

“It has been some very very intense and nice few days…This is my favourite book – Grapefruit…No artist would normally agree to making an entire exhibition out of a book but thankfully Yoko wanted to do it’  Cecilia Widenheim, Curator

“So until I come back again…I love you!” Yoko Ono

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