Elfin Saddle last night (James Ferraro tonight!)

Elfin Saddle, drawn live on iPad with ASKetch and SketchBook Pro.

Playing a splendidly lovely gig put on by Stockholm experimental music promoter ‘Mother’ at the delightful alternate venue of Hemliga Trädgården complete with screening of Elfin Saddle’s endearing little stop motion animation ‘Wurld’ – made over the course of a year! – which was also available to buy as a gorgeous little interactive booklet with DVD.
They do have a lot of lovely looking merchandise, some of which might only be available on tour, but with a 10 date tour in Sweden alone there must be a gig near you somewhere! I got their CD ‘Devastates’ as well as a beautiful little story written and illustrated by Jordan entitled Kaila, pretty much about how great it is to actually experience the force of nature rather than try to wall out its existence.

Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie began Elfin Saddle after moving east across Canada from Vancouver Island to Montreal…their take on acoustic folk is charged with myth, mysticism, anarchism, and a love of wilderness…the alertness and drive of their luminous songs actually sounds electrified, but it’s not—they’ve prefigured a time in the post-apocalyptic future, after the machines of civilization have ground to a halt and the remaining humans will have to make their music without plugging in…  -WZRD Chicago

(I dig the sound of that.  Drawing at gigs is my attempt to record the idiosyncrasies of bands/musicians aiming to be that extra bit more alternative and in control of their own creations. I make drawings that look like a human with emotions made it rather than a soulless documenting machine.  It is a hark to the past, an acceptance and celebration of life and all its unexpected glories, about being an active participant/observer/listener… It’s all about the ‘experience’.)

There’s been a good few gigs put on by Mother this year so far, and there was a poster exhibition which perfectly illustrated the breadth, range and cult status of the musicians and artists Mother promotes and supports. Get ye down to a Mother gig soon. Speaking of which, there’s one tonight at Debaser Slussen, James Ferraro who will be playing a Cry Parrot gig in Glasgow later this month with Heat Sick. Tonight’s gig in Stockholm though is free entry, club until 3am. See you there?

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