Varooooooooom!! Featured in ‘Best of Reportage’ in the Entertainment/latest issue of Varoom.

Yes folks, it’s here. The lovely new issue of Varoom, the esteemed ‘Association of Illustrators’ gorgeous magazine, features me in their ‘Best of Reportage’ section in their latest issue on the theme of Entertainment. 


It features a couple of iPad drawings I’ve created of the Swedish artist Merely, and the Danish duo ‘Family Underground’ who played at the fantastic experimental music/sound art festival ‘Art’s Birthday Party’ which happens here in Stockholm.  Varoom is a lush quarterly magazine that’s now in the format of a broadsheet and you can buy it here. I would recommend it for any illustrators, graphic designers and visual artists and indeed anyone with an interest should check it out.

Asides from that, I’ve also got a joint exhibition opening next Wednesday. If you’d like to get on the guest list for the private view, then go to the Facebook page Drawing in Stockholm.  Just now it’s advertising the exhibition of myself and artist/drawer Charlotte Murray, along with the drawing workshops we will be teaching, but it also aims to be a platform for any participants in the workshops to upload their work, for any comments/feedback/suggestions on drawing events and/or drawable events in the future.

Would love to see you join us.  Information and flyers below.  If you would like to book yourself onto the workshops as they do have limited spaces, you can email me at:


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