Exhibition Over!

So, my first exhibition in Sweden ‘Drawing In’ with Charlotte Murray has officially ended and I will be taking it all down later today.  It was a nice little experiment, and although a little quiet due to it being Midsommar – where apparently most of Sweden is on holiday 🙂 – the folk we did get visiting were keen and interested. We also had three workshops in total, one the first week and two the last week – ‘Drawing with Technology’, ‘The Journeying Line’ and ‘Drawing Music – To, From and With’. Photos to come. They weren’t full, but they were fun and a good start I feel. For Charlotte too. She’s about to leave Sweden after a year and a half here with her husband, and in two weeks they will be on their journey – cycling the 2000 or so miles back to their home in England!  Good on them, and a good time of year to try it – it’s beautiful weather here at the moment, and I hope it stays with them.  The sun reflections/shadows floating around the apartment just now are quite magical.

To see photos of the exhibition and links of drawing interest click here.

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