Arrington De Dionyso’s Malakat Dan Singa and a bit of Paul Simon

I wrote the bit below about Arrington on Facebook but here it is again for your enjoyment.

Wednesday 18th July 2012

5.30m am start. Painting a house 90+km from Stockholm. Working in a sawmill. Finding a well preserved dried up frog. Shifting timber. Train back to Stockholm 7pm. Massive rainbow. Arrive home 8.16. Shower, makeup, art materials, cycle to see Arrington De Dionyso perform at 9pm under the Skanstull-Gullmarsplan bridge, Draw in pen and ink, chat to Arrington after a brilliant gig, cycle home, see mist rising off motorway, rain soaked meadow grass glittering, and nearly run over a Hare lolloping off. 23.59 = Bed. Will scan drawing tomorrow, at some point well beyond my 5.30am start…

And then there was Paul Simon last night (Sunday 22nd), at the Sony Ericsson Globen Arena. It was supposed to be a listening and watching night rather than a drawing night, but I couldn’t help myself. However, I’m only going to offer you the best crops of the final drawing.  Simon had a lot of friends up his sleeves with Ladysmith Black Mambazo (I cried during their first song ‘Hello My Baby’), the original Graceland band, Hugh Masekela and the female singer Thandiswa Mazwai.  I also happened to do a bit of dancing but you can’t refuse the storytelling prowess and demands of Hugh Masekela, nor the funky classics of Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes,  Graceland, You Can Call Me Al as well as Still Crazy After All These Years which was the final encore of the night.  Great to see a legend.  Look forward to drawing and hearing him during his interview at the Polar Music Prize Sessions and Ceremony next month.

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