Residency, 360 Narratives and Lynda Radley

So, Lynda Radley is in da house. Literally. She arrived late last night and today we’ve been catching up to where we were at the last residency that took place in the fabulous old town of Stirling. It’s a great little story/project which involves a couple of Midwives set in a Dystopian Future, worlds away from this little Swedish Suburban residence.  It was a fairly intensive week we were on back in March, and as fun and inspiring as it was, we’re looking forward to a more project focused week this time around.  More drawing, and more writing, more ‘Fleshing Out’.  Good day so far I think. Quite possibly getting the hang of this collaboration lark. My boyfriend Mattias has designed to have a fortnight holiday in Scotland to leave the apartment for Lynda and I.  Hugely appreciated.  Don’t know how Lynda will be after 7 days cooped up in the same room as me…

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