John Cage’s 100th Birthday Celebrations, in Swedish :)

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I only managed a few quotes from former EMS/Fylkingen director/composer/electronic/sound artist Lars Gunnar Bodin, and they were the ones in English 🙂  I really need to get better. I know I missed out on a really interesting talk.

The sound art today was inspiring, exciting and discombobulating. (I love this latter word.) I was confounded, amused and appeased.  The weather was a beautiful sunny afternoon, with a smattering of golden raindrops and the most delightful shadows and reflections dancing over the ‘wall’ of the ‘Bucky Dome’, a geodesic summer arts and music venue situated in the grounds of the Architecture and Modern Art Museums on Skeppsholm island, Stockholm.  (Apologies for that long sentence. I couldn’t break it up.)

I didn’t manage to stay for the whole event, which had been programmed between 15.00 and 18.00 but was running late.  I missed out on the end of an enchanting duet with a guitar and two computers played by Peter Söderberg and Erik Peters.  (That was when the smattering of rain fell – trust me – it was golden).  I also missed a dance piece ‘Dance for Nothing’ by Eszter Salomon, which might indeed have been something to see. 🙂 But no, I decided to revel in the last of summer and cycled a bright, urban yet green leaf covered way home. Some leaves have started to change colour, but as yet, the trees are tenaciously holding on to their August colours.

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