#DirtyProjectors – Drawing Dirty Projectors

Brilliant concert by the asymmetrical, exquisite and smackingly great Dirty Projectors who hail from New York.  (Well, at least that’s where they hang out at the moment.  I’ve rarely met a band that are all actually from the place they end up being creative in.)  ANYways, I was suitably impressed by their performance this Tuesday evening.  I also managed a drawing I’m pleased with of their support band Callers who played a short but ultimately intriguing and complementary set.

I have drawn Dirty Projectors before, when they played the very splendid but unfortunately final Triptych festival in Glasgow with Mogwai as the headliners, also featuring Magic Markers, Errors, Frightened Rabbit, Clinic and Remember Remember.  (That was indeed a great weekend of drawing.)

Their latest album Swing Low Magellan is really something special. Bitte Orca from before is also magical.  Mr Longstreth is the driving force behind this group, and keeps a tight ship, but everyone – particularly Amber Coffman – feels very much part of a creative family.  There’s lots of better written words about them online if you look them up, but here’s a little taster for you regards one of their latest shows.  I wholly remember how gobsmacked I was during their rendition of ‘Beautiful Mother’ – it’s simply stunning.

Simply put, you must experience this band.

This drawing was created live on iPad during their set and encore at Debaser Medis, Stockholm on Tuesday 30th October 2012.  Everyone was drawn individually in one iPad drawing app – ASKetch, then imported into Sketchbook Pro with a bit of better positioning in Photoshop as the picture became too wide for the iPad. 🙂  Should make a decent quality print at least 50cm wide judging by the magic print I recently got of my Yo-Yo Ma iPad Drawing. (I’ve been experimenting with prints from my iPad 3 recently with some very pleasing results.)

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