Michael Gira, SWANS and Deerhoof. And iPad FAIL!!!

Tragically, my iPad Drawing I was working on this evening for probably at least an hour and a half, has been inaccessible due to the iPad crashing before I could save the picture. So with perhaps 30 minutes more to go, (unknowingly) I whipped out my paper and ink. Sometimes you just can’t rely on technology.

Michael seemed to like the inky picture though, and liked the pic on the frozen iPad too. (Heavy sigh). Perhaps I can post the screen capture just to give you a hint of the lost greatness.


And then there was the ACE Deerhoof the night before at STRAND, Stockholm.

See below for individual ‘shots’ drawn of each during their fun performance. A buzzed up delight to finally catch them live.

I’ve got SFI class (Swedish for Immigrants) in 4 hours. F**k. Better get some sleep.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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