Drawing James Yorkston – Tonight! Södra Teatern, Stockholm

Tonight I will be drawing James Yorkston live during his concert. For the first time – with permission from Mr Yorkston – I am letting you all know before the concert, that I will be making only 10 limited edition giclée prints from the original drawing(s) created tonight for 1000 SEK/£100 (incl P&P). You can directly message me here for payment details ie my Paypal account.

If you’d like to see some of the other prestigious and original musicians I have met and drawn, as well as my iPad or watercolour style of drawing, you can check out my ‘Live Music Drawings’ album under the ‘photos’ section on my Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, here’s the first and second drawing I created at two of JY’s gigs. The first one was drawn on 6th December 2006, almost 6 years ago to the day!  Just realised that. Funny. The second drawing was with his whole band for the wonderful Ballads of the Book project as part of the Triptych Festival in Scotland. It features his friend and band member, the late Doogie Paul who I sadly discovered lost out to cancer last month. I hope this picture serves as a good memory from a really lovely concert.  Please see James’s tribute to him here.

James Yorkston 1 medJames Yorkston txt

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