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Glasgow Visit!

So, my big idea to do a comic strip a day didn’t get very far – I’m exactly a week behind. So more work needed tomorrow(today). However, I’m still hovering between ‘should I post these or not’ since some of … Continue reading

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Art’s Birthday Party 2013

My third year at this, and it’s always brilliant. The bugger only being that you want to be in at least three different places at the same time (there are four stages with some staggering of times). Tråd(SE) who I … Continue reading

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#Strip1 – A Strip A Day for 365 Days – Day 1 – Zzzzzs and spelling anthropomorphisised

I get confused with spellings sometimes as to whether it’s an Americanisation to put a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ at the end of words ending in -ed.  Regardless, in the following strip I’m sure you’ll notice a bag load … Continue reading


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And So It Was Christmas…

This was my first Christmas and New Year in Sweden.  Somewhat more chilled and easygoing and quieter than a traditional Soep Christmas time. I did miss my family, my sister most of all as I haven’t seen her since the … Continue reading

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