And So It Was Christmas…

This was my first Christmas and New Year in Sweden.  Somewhat more chilled and easygoing and quieter than a traditional Soep Christmas time. I did miss my family, my sister most of all as I haven’t seen her since the Christmas before. Need to rectify that soon.  It’s her birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! (Speak to you later luv:)

Tomorrow is the 7th of January and the real start of the year for me. It’s been a bit haphazard since December in lots of weird and wonderful ways and I’m pretty excited about what this year is going to bring. Tomorrow though, I will be starting C+ class at SFI – Swedish for Immigrants.  I was attending C class from last October but I’ve been ‘kicked out’ – Not because I was consistently late for every single lesson I attended – I had my reasons…most of them weak…but there was always at least someone else later than me and the teacher didn’t shout at THEM so I figured I was sort of okay…But anyway, it would appear that my Swedish has improved to the extent that I can go up a level. Inspiring. I promise to make more of an effort to turn up on time this year – that’s my new year’s resolution 🙂  I’m looking forward to it though. Perhaps one day, this whole blog will be in Swedish?  Nah, I love appealing to all those of you that speak English whether it’s your native language or not. The Swedes are so switched on and excellent at English that they love our dark sense of humour over in the UK. There’s a lot of comedy to be proud of, and it’s always great to hear folks quote directly from their favourite show or comedian. But maybe it’s just Mattias and his pal Jacob that I’m thinking of…

So here’s my first post, catching up from Christmas. More to come – my specific New Year’s Resolution is to draw a cartoon strip per day. Inspired by James Kochalka who recently ended his diary cartoon after 14 years ‘before his kids got to an age where they were embarrassed to be included’ as well as the lovely ’28 drawings later’ project courtesy of the artist Victoria Evans in Glasgow, as well as all the other inspiring folks I know who aim to consistently produce something creative every day for a year. I’m behind two days so far, but will use the rest of today to sort that out. After a walk in the dusk of a winter afternoon, which is already noticeably getting lighter. It’s uplifting y’know?

Jul/Christmas 2012

Christmas Wrapping Paper detail m

Jul 1 - TomteTack

Jul 2 - Anna and TomteJul 2 - Anna - closeupJul 3 - Mattias and KennetJul 4 - RoseJul 5 - Astrid window shopping on the computerJul 6 - Astrid and Morfar solve problemsJul 7 - Mormor at dessert

Jul 8 - Ivar on his computer

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