#Strip1 – A Strip A Day for 365 Days – Day 1 – Zzzzzs and spelling anthropomorphisised

I get confused with spellings sometimes as to whether it’s an Americanisation to put a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ at the end of words ending in -ed.  Regardless, in the following strip I’m sure you’ll notice a bag load of errors. I decided to keep them in. I also decided not to edit the layout either just so you can see what an instant brain fart can do on the page. The next one I’ll post later today was created in pencil first and then inked up so I’ll show you a before and after picture. I don’t know if I’ll manage that for all my posts, as simply posting one sequential narrative a day is going to be hard enough. There’s a surprising amount of thought that goes into the editing and illustration of an idea or observation that one hopes will appeal to an audience, and when it comes to illustration, I can think too much.

010113 NEW YEARS DAY m


The main points I need to adhere to though, is that I create at least two panels about a thought, experience or information I’ve read about that very day or planned for that day. It can be in any style, colour, format, on any subject, with as many panels, in any technology, but by the end of this year, there needs to be 365 different strips. They also don’t need to have text, they can be wordless narratives. As long as they tell a story.

It’s a way of self educating, which as it states in this strip, I learn kinaesthetically. I’m also an impatient perfectionist, the devil being in the detail. I’m already 2 days without a strip so tomorrow I’ll need to catch up. I might even treat myself by going into a cafe and busting them out there with a steaming cup of peppermint and a chokladboll. (I’m thinking of Louie Louie in particular. A great little haunt, introduced to me by the esteemed dude Gavin Maycroft, one man promoter/DJ/music officianado/band and artist manager/PR/entrepreneur/creative behind, mainly, the experimental music scene in Stockholm and beyond – ‘Mother’. Add him on Facebook if you want to come to one of the brilliant, mind bending, experimental or simply legendary DIY music happenings in an equally befitting venue.)

It’s been Christmas, and New Year, and I’ve used the opportunity to start and enjoy reading all the lovely books I’ve been storing up like a squirrel.  I must offer huge thanks to my sister for getting me my much coveted book of ‘How Music Works’ by David Byrne.  I’ve yet to prise the gleeming satin printed black and white hardbacked cover wiiiiide apart (give it time my preciousss) but in the past few days have managed to tear through other super slim volumes Herman the Vermin, Ghost World and now working through The Wild Things, the novelisation of Where The Wild Things Are as interpreted by Dave Eggers and on the request of the original author Maurice Sendak.  Since I’ve seen the recent(ish) and wonderful bat crazy film version, I kind of feel I’m replaying the film back in my head, which makes sense since Eggers wrote the screen play. I’m noticing lovely little details though that weren’t in the film, and as far as I remember, not in the original version of which I really must get a copy.

Right, I’m off to bed now, at 00.52. It’s my first day in the C+ class of SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) tomorrow from 8am to 12pm and I’m determined not to be late. For once.

ps I should also refer to my play on words in today’s title. So far, I have not actually stripped for my work. But you never know. I may add in some sex, drugs and rock’n’roll later on, although the upstairs neighbours are currently doing their best to add their own very vocal and boisterous bit of shagging noises.

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