Glasgow Visit!

So, my big idea to do a comic strip a day didn’t get very far – I’m exactly a week behind. So more work needed tomorrow(today). However, I’m still hovering between ‘should I post these or not’ since some of it’s autobiographical, some of it’s rude, and it’s all out of my comfort zone. Do I want my audience to see this stuff? Do I want them to see this other side of me? This ‘trying it out’ side of me? I guess in the long run I do, so we’ll see. I arrived in Glasgow yesterday and have been catching up with the lovely friends who’ve been putting me up. Everyone’s interested in how I’m getting on in Sweden. Well, I’m loving it to be honest. But workwise, I’m getting more interesting work here, but that is because I haven’t started building my name up in Sweden yet really, apart from the excellent Polar Music Prize, the Mother Gigs, and my newly started ‘music postcard print’ experiment in four select music stores. Not as bad as doing nothing, but still…

So today I started a project working with Gartnavel hospital where I will be in the role of ‘graphic facilitator/visual practitioner’ and illustrating the information that is collated and presented as a result of some meetings and investigations. It will culminate with a workshop where I will be adding drawings and text live to a wall of drawings I’ve prepared.

There’s also a few other projects in the pipeline that all seem to have come about in the last month and last couple of days which is unexpected but welcome. I’m discovering that ‘to keep on keeping on’ really does work. At least three of the projects have come about from actions I have taken between 3 and 13 years ago. Two meetings tomorrow to see about next steps.

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