So Jenny Soep, What have you been up to?

Well, I’ve been in London to see the fantastic David Bowie audio/visual orgasm, sorry, ACE EXHIBITION at the V&A while also spending some ace quality time with my sister and brother, then I spent a week on a residency in Glasgow working on a graphic novel with the award winning playwright Lynda Radley. Most recently I’ve been getting back into my residency in Stockholm at the marvellous Södra Teatern, drawing various top class music there like Rokia Traore, Frida Hyvonen, and TONIGHT – drawing BOMBA ESTEREO!!!

I was also mighty privileged to get clearance to draw the superb Stockholm Music & Arts festival 2013, courtesy of Luger, where I fricking well drew PRINCE!, albeit with pencil on paper in a funky squash in the Mosh pit. No iPads/mobile phones were allowed, even though security knew I was only drawing, but I managed some sweet sketches and I’m super proud of them and the other drawings I created throughout the weekend including Cocorosie, First Aid Kit, Billy Bragg, Rodriguez, Efterklang, and Laura Mvula. You can see more of the drawings on my Facebook Page, ‘Jenny Soep Drawing The Experience’.

Then there’s the exciting little short film project on ‘Stig ‘Stikkan’ Anderson’ that I’ve been working on for the prestigious Polar Music Prize (I just so happen to be their official ‘Drawer’ :). I’ve had the pleasure of working with the delightful animator/director Irene Lopez and the expertly/fun production company Lillasyster.  More on that coming VERY SOON!

Last night I was drawing David Byrne and St Vincent as part of their brilliant ‘Love This Giant’ tour, and it really was rather tremendously ‘bra’ – my first time in Filadelfiakyrkan (Great venue!).  Tomorrow I will be drawing one of the Polar Music Prize laureates Kaija Saariyaho in talks and concert, then Lydia Lunch late on Saturday (if not also Invader Ace and Trouble Vs Glue! slightly earlier on the same day), then next week is full on drawing for everything Polar Music Prize.

In between all that, I’ve managed some great little trips out into forests, islands, seeing moose, cranes and other wildlife, climbing hills and mountains, swimming and kayaking in lakes and spending concise and quality bits of time in exceedingly good company. And in my spare time, I’ve been drawing. 

If you want to have a swatch at a super cool wee article on me with in the infamous TYCI online magazine (it’s got pretty pictures n’all!) check out this link.

And if you want to watch my first ever home-made video – an Efficacy for the supercharged and sparkling Fiona Bloom of the Bloom Effect – check out this little beauty too 🙂

PRINCE 4 Drawn Live by Jenny Soep 050813 m BILLY BRAGG by Jenny Soep 040813s FIRST AID KIT TO PRINT A4 FRAME s Cocorosie By Jenny Soep 02082013 s

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