Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

So, I finally got to draw Ariel and it was great. Wasn’t as much carnage as I expected – apart from AP smoking a cigarette on stage given to him by a fan, that was as heated as it got.  Someone had shouted ‘R. Stevie Moore’ at one point to the retort ‘Fuck You! This is MY time! Etc Etc’ Tongue firmly in cheek right?

He opened tonight’s show with ‘Kinski Assassin’ (which Mr Moore played during his set back in the summer), and ended ‘Round and Round’ as the encore.  Proper good.

Sand Circles was the support, Luger the promoter, Debaser Medis the venue.

Drawn Live on iPad by yours truly, Jenny Soep

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6 Responses to Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

  1. Fantastic work! I can vouch for the live feeling since I was peeking over your shoulder as the drawing evolved. Hope to see you again at Deerhoof /Pelle

  2. Susan Baskin says:

    Hi – just admiring your drawings, plus looking for drawings I can cite in an essay where I curate an imaginary art show c/w floor plan. How large are your drawings? This one, in particular. 🙂

  3. jennysoep says:

    Hi Susan, thanks! Sounds like a fun project you’re involved with. This particular is apparently 2048 x 1536 pixels, at least that’s what Sketchbook Pro lets me choose when I want one of two canvas sizes. I recently printed my YoYo Ma picture from the Polar Music Prize earlier in August (the one where he was in concert) and the width was about 50cm. I can check for sure when I go into the studio today, but I’m pretty chuffed that the iPad pictures can print so large!

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