Drawing Performance with Improv Band! #TecknadeToner

Posters of Jenny Soep s

Yes, this Saturday I’ll be drawing in collaboration with a great Improvisation duo from the band Klubb Spontan. It will be the first time I meet them, and I will be creating drawings on my iPad projected onto a lovely big raw concrete wall inside the marvellous Comics/Film & Music library (Which is a thing of beauty in itself!) which also happens to be on level 2 of the fantastic Kulturhuset, Stockholm’s hugely exciting, fun and prestigious arts venue.

I also came up with the idea that you, the audience can come up with suggestions before the performance of what I can add into the drawing during the session. I will incorporate suggestions I pick out of a well selected hat, and then we can see what it sounds like as the musicians (I think they will be playing piano and clarinet) translate it into music.

I can’t wait, and I feel very honoured. Look forward to seeing you there. (You’re also MOST welcome to draw too! Bring your sketchy materials!)

Here’s the link to a jolly nice poster of me and my iPad, with more details in Swedish (use Google Translate) on the event details.  Photo by Jannica Honey.



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