STOCKHOLM SYNDROME ENSEMBLE AND MOREAh, what a perfect title alluding to my ‘captivity’ here in Stockholm which I love, adore and want more of.

It has indeed been a love/hate relationship, but one which I love more and more of. For me, 2014 is about collaboration, projected live drawing/dynamic scenography, and drawing more women/people of different colours. I just realised there are too many ‘white’ men in my drawings and I feel I need to start diversifying. I also want to spend a longer time with musicians, draw a tour, see what a consistent flow of concerts can produce with my drawings. Draw creators creating in their creative space/studios.

It’s not that I need a complete ‘change’ as such – I’m just pursuing those tangents that perpetually visit my mind only to race off again.

Since my solo show last November, which was a culmination of nearly a year’s residency at the marvellous Södra Teatern – also co-inciding with a full day of drawing for the highly prestigious SKAP/STIM conference perfectly entitled ‘The Digital Agenda For Music’ where the final performance of the afternoon was the very exciting Turbo Tuba/Radio Pop duo Invader Ace with a live projected drawing by me behind them. The private view of my solo show was a couple of hours straight afterwards featuring Invader Ace again and a whole set worth of music and live drawings, gratefully sponsored by Södra Teatern themselves along with Scottish Brewdog Beer from Cask Sweden.

I’ve mostly been working on iPad since then, but always double back to paper drawing and painting. I’ve been commissioned to create a live projected drawing of local politicians during their debate on culture at the impressive ‘Government Library’ (Riksdagsbiblioteket) on Stockholm’s ‘Culture Night’ (KulturNatt) as well as participated in a ‘Tecknade Toner’ (Drawn Notes) for the film/music and comics library at Kulturhuset, in collaboration with the improvisation music group ‘Klubb Spontan’.

I was extremely proud in March to be invited to give a presentation at the Falmouth University/MA Illustration Department’s Forum ‘Witness: Reportage & Documentary Illustration’ along with luminaries Sue Coe, Lucinda Rogers, Anne Howeson, Anna Cattermole and Fumio Obata, chaired by the Reportager magazine founder ‘Gary Embury’ himself.

I’ve also been working on a Creative Scotland and Playwrights’ Studio Scotland funded project with the playwright Lynda Radley, where we’ve been discovering how to make a graphic novel. I will hands down admit it’s been the most terrifying, inspiring and biggest learning ‘creative’ experience I’ve ever had, and I look forward to the future possibilities with it. More on that later 🙂

This year in August will see me again – for the fifth year – drawing for the Polar Music Prize and their laureates ‘King of RockNRoll’ Chuck Berry and the massively innovative/societally engaged music director Peter Sellars, a duo which I find incredibly fun, inspiring and exciting. I’ve already been drawing at the official announcement last week at the impressive City Halls (location of the Nobel Prize) along with the first Polar Talks of the year with Sweden’s answer to Chuck Berry – Jerry Williams – along with the always vibrant Kronos Quartet, and chaired by Alfons Karabuda – a man connected to all the best sides of music and it’s artists.

Did I also mention my drawings were used on a very exclusive limited edition set of whisky bottles celebrating the braw, brash and brilliant poetry/animation/music event Neu Reekie!? (Hugely proud 🙂


(Photo – Neu Reekie!) I can’t list everything I’ve been up to, but Sunday also saw me drawing one of – if not the first – female graffiti artists (Crossie) to ‘tag’ the amazing arts/circus/film&music site of Subtopia – a hub and haven for creativity, with welcoming arms for street artists in a city of ‘zero tolerance’.


Me Drawing Lisa 'Crossie' Uzzell Edwards 110514


(Photo by Crossie)

I’ve also been learning Swedish throughout, and perhaps one day this blog will be bi-lingual (albeit my crappy Swedish with a rendition in English :). I’ve also been keeping a daily illustrated diary called ‘100 Happy Days’ which incidentally has been so invigorating and liked by many that I’m extending it to an entire year. I’m currently on Day 118. It is currently on my ‘private’ Facebook page, but contemplating posting it either here or on Tumblr, and definitely making a book, whether just digitally or also printed.

In two weeks, I go to Scotland for a month and a half. This will include various art jobs, at least two, if not 3 friend’s weddings – one of which I’m a bridesmaid! – as well as walking the West Highland Way with my ever-patient and amazingly supportive partner Mattias. It’s a bit of a side-step to my mission of consistency in Sweden, but I certainly know how to make the best of my time back in my home country, and look forward to various creative enterprises, some best friend and family quality time, SCOTTISH time, and partner time. I’m also looking forward to the tick-tick-ticking of current projects in Sweden developing/continuing/being put into operation and ESPECIALLY to see the vote for Scotland’s independence be debated, learned about and shared for the better.

Who knows where this year will end up!


JERRY WILLIAMS Interview PMP 080514 Drawn Live by Jenny Soep lvld s MARIE LEDIN with Russian Journalist 080514 LVLD s
Filip Jers and Henrik Hallberg drawn live by Jenny Soep 080514 FINAL s



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TYCI Top Five Women of 2013

Honoured to be selected as one of the brilliant feminist/arts/politics blog/zine TYCI’s ‘Top Women of 2013’! Thanks TYCI!
TYCI Top Five Women of 2013

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Drawing Performance with Improv Band! #TecknadeToner

Posters of Jenny Soep s

Yes, this Saturday I’ll be drawing in collaboration with a great Improvisation duo from the band Klubb Spontan. It will be the first time I meet them, and I will be creating drawings on my iPad projected onto a lovely big raw concrete wall inside the marvellous Comics/Film & Music library (Which is a thing of beauty in itself!) which also happens to be on level 2 of the fantastic Kulturhuset, Stockholm’s hugely exciting, fun and prestigious arts venue.

I also came up with the idea that you, the audience can come up with suggestions before the performance of what I can add into the drawing during the session. I will incorporate suggestions I pick out of a well selected hat, and then we can see what it sounds like as the musicians (I think they will be playing piano and clarinet) translate it into music.

I can’t wait, and I feel very honoured. Look forward to seeing you there. (You’re also MOST welcome to draw too! Bring your sketchy materials!)

Here’s the link to a jolly nice poster of me and my iPad, with more details in Swedish (use Google Translate) on the event details.  Photo by Jannica Honey.


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Exhibition Now On! Plus links to the brilliant #DAFM2013

We had a terrific opening/Vernissage on the night of 28th November with the rather brilliant band Invader Ace (playing Tuba Techno/Radio Pop) with live projected drawings from me. It was an incredible day and night which also included me drawing the excellent and inspiring SKAP (Swedish Society for Songwriters, Composers and Authors) conference on the Digital Agenda For Music or #dafm2013 – opening with Sweden’s own lovely and geniune superstar/feminist icon/technogeek/multi-award winner Robyn in interview with the esteemed Alfons Karabuda. You can see my pre-event illustrations here – as well as see the programme, and can watch the whole amazing day in videos from the event. My drawings from the actual conference will be featured on the dafm website very soon too.

If you missed out on my exhibition opening/vernissage, have no fear!

A documentary film has been made, which I’m looking forward to seeing, but in the meantime, you can check out the exhibition itself, which features a selection of large limited edition prints of iPad drawings of the following brilliant musicians and artists that I have drawn (and that you may have witnessed first hand yourself?!) – Yo-Yo Ma, The Fuck Buttons, David Och Fofo, First Aid Kit, Bomba Estéreo, King Ayisoba, The Subliminal Kid, Goran Kajfes, Invader Ace and Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn McCarthy although I also printed OM, John Grant, Lloyd Cole, Dan Deacon, Momus, another accompanying drawing to the other Goran Kajfes I drew, Sweden’s supergroup ÅÄÖ and M Lamar.

The exhibition is a culmination of my much enjoyed residency at Södra Teatern showing a selection of my drawings from there and also of others ranging from the Polar Music Prize arranged Yo-Yo Ma concert, to other underground/alternative promoters like Mother Events, Fritz’s Corner, Fylkingen and Jazz är Farligt with Dan Deacon, ÅÄÖ and OM. It runs until mid January to coincide with the hugely exciting sound art festival courtesy of Södra Teatern and Swedish Radio, ‘Art’s Birthday Party’.

You can find out more details via the Facebook event page here –

As well as opening times and more pictures on the Södra Teatern website here – – (it’s basically open when Box Office is open, as well as whenever there is a concert on. You should also be able to get in via the Etablissemanget restaurant.)


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Finally! Proud Announcement!

Finally! Äntligen! Very proud to share the official Polar Music Prize commissioned docu-animation of its founder, and manager of ABBA, the late great Stig ‘Stikkan’ Anderson. A nostalgic journey through his life featuring stop-motion animation and time-lapse videos of my drawings – sometimes you see my hand, and sometimes you don’t 🙂 It’s MAGIC! Courtesy of Director/Animator @IreneLopez and @lillasysterproduktion. Narration by Polar Music Prize favourite Monte Reid, it of course also features a killer soundtrack!

So after this first ever* official ‘Jenny Soep’ animation, may there be many more! Couldn’t have been a more perfect beginning – to be commissioned by the most prestigious and inspiring music prize in the world – that represents everything I strive for in my own work. Over the moon. Now off to cycle in the sun to Stockholm’s best ‘International Cassette Store Day’ Larry’s Corner with Oma333 and Mother events.

Click Here for the Animation/Documentary of Stig ‘Stikkan’ Anderson

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 10.24.28


Directory/Animator – Irene Lopez –

Production – Lillasyster –

*First ever timelapse drawing/animation video was made for a song called ‘Admission Number Two’ with the help of multi-talented animator/games designer Garry Whitton, an experiment for one of my favourite bands/art collective ‘FOUND‘.

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So Jenny Soep, What have you been up to?

Well, I’ve been in London to see the fantastic David Bowie audio/visual orgasm, sorry, ACE EXHIBITION at the V&A while also spending some ace quality time with my sister and brother, then I spent a week on a residency in Glasgow working on a graphic novel with the award winning playwright Lynda Radley. Most recently I’ve been getting back into my residency in Stockholm at the marvellous Södra Teatern, drawing various top class music there like Rokia Traore, Frida Hyvonen, and TONIGHT – drawing BOMBA ESTEREO!!!

I was also mighty privileged to get clearance to draw the superb Stockholm Music & Arts festival 2013, courtesy of Luger, where I fricking well drew PRINCE!, albeit with pencil on paper in a funky squash in the Mosh pit. No iPads/mobile phones were allowed, even though security knew I was only drawing, but I managed some sweet sketches and I’m super proud of them and the other drawings I created throughout the weekend including Cocorosie, First Aid Kit, Billy Bragg, Rodriguez, Efterklang, and Laura Mvula. You can see more of the drawings on my Facebook Page, ‘Jenny Soep Drawing The Experience’.

Then there’s the exciting little short film project on ‘Stig ‘Stikkan’ Anderson’ that I’ve been working on for the prestigious Polar Music Prize (I just so happen to be their official ‘Drawer’ :). I’ve had the pleasure of working with the delightful animator/director Irene Lopez and the expertly/fun production company Lillasyster.  More on that coming VERY SOON!

Last night I was drawing David Byrne and St Vincent as part of their brilliant ‘Love This Giant’ tour, and it really was rather tremendously ‘bra’ – my first time in Filadelfiakyrkan (Great venue!).  Tomorrow I will be drawing one of the Polar Music Prize laureates Kaija Saariyaho in talks and concert, then Lydia Lunch late on Saturday (if not also Invader Ace and Trouble Vs Glue! slightly earlier on the same day), then next week is full on drawing for everything Polar Music Prize.

In between all that, I’ve managed some great little trips out into forests, islands, seeing moose, cranes and other wildlife, climbing hills and mountains, swimming and kayaking in lakes and spending concise and quality bits of time in exceedingly good company. And in my spare time, I’ve been drawing. 

If you want to have a swatch at a super cool wee article on me with in the infamous TYCI online magazine (it’s got pretty pictures n’all!) check out this link.

And if you want to watch my first ever home-made video – an Efficacy for the supercharged and sparkling Fiona Bloom of the Bloom Effect – check out this little beauty too 🙂

PRINCE 4 Drawn Live by Jenny Soep 050813 m BILLY BRAGG by Jenny Soep 040813s FIRST AID KIT TO PRINT A4 FRAME s Cocorosie By Jenny Soep 02082013 s

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Mariam The Believer


Playing a rather brilliant and beautiful set.
Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern.
Supported by The Subliminal Kid who I drew on iPad – see below. Was brilliant fun drawing in both mediums tonight, I must say.

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Drawn live on iPad supporting Mariam The Believer At Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern.

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Ellen MacArthur and The Circular Economy


Gosh, it has been a while since I posted here huh?! Not to say I’ve been idle! Simply a case of ‘too many online platforms and not enough time to update them all’. I’m looking into Social Media Management to solve this. Meanwhile, you can always go to my Facebook page to find out what I’m up to as that’s a pretty regular post for me. You get to see/join all the intriguing/inspirational events I’m either drawing at or know about. Unfortunately there still is only one of me, and lots of things happening in Stockholm, Scotland and everywhere else!

One of the most inspiring projects I’ve been involved with recently was for a presentation by the celebrated world record holder Ellen MacArthur who is renowned for being the fastest person to sail round the globe on her B&Q Trimaran. She retired from competitive sailing back in 2009 to focus on her new challenge – to facilitate society at large to cross-over from a linear economy to a circular economy, in a more responsible and inclusive approach to living on this beautiful planet.

She talked about how her experiences in the challenges of round the world sailing, she learned to exist efficiently, valuing all her resources, and learning that when rations ran out, there was no replacing them. She has applied this knowledge in setting up the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in a bid to educate, facilitate and support the turnaround of companies, education and general ways of thinking to a more global friendly practice.

I was involved in the conference by pre-illustrating concept posters for the organisers, drawing on the blackboard behind Ellen moments before she started her talk, and also drawing throughout her talk, along with the panel afterwards. I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity, not to mention excited and inspired at what I learned. I do feel I witnessed something life-changing.

I learned that no goal is too big, and that achieving your ambition can simply be a combination of tiny steps. I learned that there are more and more companies turning to this circular economy, making them more valuable and investable since they will be able to survive the companies that cling to a linear model. So too, I discovered that this isn’t just a hair-brained habit-change – it’s fundamentally going to save on everything – finance, raw materials, energy, jobs, not to mention community engagement.

There are companies that have revolutionised packaging material including plastic bags that melt in warm water, and alternatives to polystyrene moulds.  Ricoh Printers are designing their machines to be recoverable and re-manufacturable, making it cheaper to buy machines that have the same warranty and quality as the initial ones, but have used less energy.

What’s becoming more common is that business are leasing their products so that all you need to be concerned about is the service they provide – lighting companies who pay for the electricity and product, making sure that your work is well lit using energy efficient light-bulbs. Another concept is leasing washing machines so that basically you pay for the washes, not the machine, and the production company will renew your machine when it needs it. See a pretty neat animation on this concept here.

You can see all the docu-drawings and notes I took during those fascinating two hours on my Facebook page ‘ Jenny Soep Drawing The Experience‘, plus please do look at The Ellen MacArthur Foundation for more entertaining animations, visuals and information.

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Glasgow Visit!

So, my big idea to do a comic strip a day didn’t get very far – I’m exactly a week behind. So more work needed tomorrow(today). However, I’m still hovering between ‘should I post these or not’ since some of it’s autobiographical, some of it’s rude, and it’s all out of my comfort zone. Do I want my audience to see this stuff? Do I want them to see this other side of me? This ‘trying it out’ side of me? I guess in the long run I do, so we’ll see. I arrived in Glasgow yesterday and have been catching up with the lovely friends who’ve been putting me up. Everyone’s interested in how I’m getting on in Sweden. Well, I’m loving it to be honest. But workwise, I’m getting more interesting work here, but that is because I haven’t started building my name up in Sweden yet really, apart from the excellent Polar Music Prize, the Mother Gigs, and my newly started ‘music postcard print’ experiment in four select music stores. Not as bad as doing nothing, but still…

So today I started a project working with Gartnavel hospital where I will be in the role of ‘graphic facilitator/visual practitioner’ and illustrating the information that is collated and presented as a result of some meetings and investigations. It will culminate with a workshop where I will be adding drawings and text live to a wall of drawings I’ve prepared.

There’s also a few other projects in the pipeline that all seem to have come about in the last month and last couple of days which is unexpected but welcome. I’m discovering that ‘to keep on keeping on’ really does work. At least three of the projects have come about from actions I have taken between 3 and 13 years ago. Two meetings tomorrow to see about next steps.

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