Exhibition Now On! Plus links to the brilliant #DAFM2013

We had a terrific opening/Vernissage on the night of 28th November with the rather brilliant band Invader Ace (playing Tuba Techno/Radio Pop) with live projected drawings from me. It was an incredible day and night which also included me drawing the excellent and inspiring SKAP (Swedish Society for Songwriters, Composers and Authors) conference on the Digital Agenda For Music or #dafm2013 – opening with Sweden’s own lovely and geniune superstar/feminist icon/technogeek/multi-award winner Robyn in interview with the esteemed Alfons Karabuda. You can see my pre-event illustrations here – as well as see the programme, and can watch the whole amazing day in videos from the event. http://www.dafm.se/ My drawings from the actual conference will be featured on the dafm website very soon too.

If you missed out on my exhibition opening/vernissage, have no fear!

A documentary film has been made, which I’m looking forward to seeing, but in the meantime, you can check out the exhibition itself, which features a selection of large limited edition prints of iPad drawings of the following brilliant musicians and artists that I have drawn (and that you may have witnessed first hand yourself?!) – Yo-Yo Ma, The Fuck Buttons, David Och Fofo, First Aid Kit, Bomba Estéreo, King Ayisoba, The Subliminal Kid, Goran Kajfes, Invader Ace and Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn McCarthy although I also printed OM, John Grant, Lloyd Cole, Dan Deacon, Momus, another accompanying drawing to the other Goran Kajfes I drew, Sweden’s supergroup ÅÄÖ and M Lamar.

The exhibition is a culmination of my much enjoyed residency at Södra Teatern showing a selection of my drawings from there and also of others ranging from the Polar Music Prize arranged Yo-Yo Ma concert, to other underground/alternative promoters like Mother Events, Fritz’s Corner, Fylkingen and Jazz är Farligt with Dan Deacon, ÅÄÖ and OM. It runs until mid January to coincide with the hugely exciting sound art festival courtesy of Södra Teatern and Swedish Radio, ‘Art’s Birthday Party’.

You can find out more details via the Facebook event page here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1854655244675923/?fref=ts

As well as opening times and more pictures on the Södra Teatern website here – http://www.sodrateatern.com/Artist-in-Residence-Jenny-Soep – (it’s basically open when Box Office is open, as well as whenever there is a concert on. You should also be able to get in via the Etablissemanget restaurant.)


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